Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparations, thanks and a couple of videos...

Well, the final countdown to Africa will soon begin. We leave November 11th. My visa to Mozambique just arrived and Team USA will meet one last time in Seattle for a ride hosted by our teammate Iain Glynn. Shannon, his wife Jonie and I will fly out to meet with Iain and his wife, Bethany on Thursday. Iain promises that this will be a nasty, challenging ride through some of the worst (best) that Washington has to offer. 
Last weekend was spent at the Ride Oklahoma annual Clayton Dual Sport Ride, hosted by James Pratt, publisher of Adventure Rider Magazine, and family. James was kind enough to loan me his DRZ 400 for a day as we explored the CNT, (Choctaw Nation Trail), in far, eastern Oklahoma. It was a good day of rocky riding through the woods with some awesome folks, followed by bar-b-que to die for and served by James' mom, dad, son Adam, daughter Emily and brother and sister in law. Thanks to all for a great dual sporting weekend!
My training has been interrupted somewhat by the weekend's travel and allergies, but we hope to pick it up again as early as tomorrow. Abner magazine posted a story on my involvement with the GS Trophy competition a few weeks ago in their November issue and Oklahoma Magazine should run something in November as well. I had an interview with Andy Rieger of the Norman Transcript last week. We should see something in the local newspaper perhaps as early as this week.
It has been an exciting adventure to date and promises to be even more so once we hit the skys for Africa. I will try to keep folks posted on my blog at:
I would also like to take a moment to thank some of our sponsors, folks without whom the expense of making this trip would have been very difficult to handle. But more importantly, they are people who passionately offer the very best in products and services for adventure seekers of all kinds. Here they are, in no particular order...
Backwoods Equipment Company Check out the Muddy Hands Blog and "A Cowboy Goes to Africa."
Susan and I have been doing business with Backwoods as long as they have been opened here in Norman, Oklahoma. Their lightweight camping gear, shoes and clothing are perfect for the off road adventure rider.
Revzilla: Co-owner, Anthony Bucci provided their awesome Sidi boots for Team USA. He has also provided some of the most personal and pro-active service I have experienced from anyone in the industry. Friends and family have ordered from Revzilla, all with the same great results, fast, friendly service and great products.
Klim USA. From pants to helmets, Klim manufactures some of the coolest and sturdiest gear available and at prices that won't blow your socks off! Thanks to Nate and the crew at Klim for rounding up helmets for Team USA and for your kind attention following our win at the ARC in California last May.
Kriega: Scott at Matrix Motorsorts:, importer of Kriega has been Johnny on the spot with their soft, durable luggage and rucksacks. I have never crashed so hard with so little damage to my luggage as my crash at Dumont Dunes. Nothing tore or came loose on our 1300 mile ride through the desert...a strong testimonial to well made products. Built in the UK too! I think that's pretty cool.
Adventure Designs; Chad is one of the most personable and sincere business owners I have met. His company provides quality outdoor gear from a wide range of manufacturers, but one of my favorite pieces from Adventure Designs is their Micro tire pump. It fits into the palm of your hand and only has the bare essentials necessary to get the job done. Best of all, it is their own invention! A critical and well proven product for all motorcyclists, on or off road. They also offer tool kits, already purified for the bike you ride. Check them out.
And a special thanks to BMW for sending us to the California deserts to whoopp up on their new F800GS motorcycles in preparation for the upcoming competition and for allowing us the opportunity to represent our country in this awesome event!;
Here are a couple of videos you might enjoy, compliments of Iain Glynn and Touratech. Shannon's crash at Dumont Dunes, without Iain's colorful narrative

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  1. I have a lot of people asking for specific dates and travel plans for you guys. When are you leaving? Where does the competition begin and on what date? What is the best source of information to keep up with you guys in addition to following this blog? Go Team USA, Go Dad!!