Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seattle Training...

We just got back from three days of training in Seattle. Shannon, his wife Jonie and I stayed with Iain and his wife Bethany. Iain had scored three awesome bikes from South Sound BMW for our use. We had two Huskies, a 250 TXC and the 310 TE, and a beast of a bike, the BMW G450X.

We had hoped for rain since all our previous training had been on the dry deserts of southern California and in Oregon during the dry season. Well, we hoped for rain and rain we got. It rained all three days we were there. Not constantly, but enough to make things very wet and sloppy. The trails handled the water well, but some places were deep and very slippery. I will attempt to post up more on that later.

Also, Oklahoma Magazine has published a story on my involvement with the  GS Trophy in their November issue. Check it out here: http://www.okmag.com/online/November10.html
Click on the page to expose the arrows, then scroll over to page 22 for the story.

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